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Dimensions:474x605x522mm(hxwxd) Certificates: EN1143-1,VdS,ECB:S grade II+fire protect LSF 60P,VSO,a2p EN2 Lock: K-double-bit lock,2 keys or E-electronic lock EM3520
Manufacturer: Wertheim
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Safe , model BP10 - Wertheim

Outside dimensions: 474x605x522mm (hxwxd)

Inside dimensions: 360x495x310mm (hxwxd)

Weight: 190 kg

Certificates: Secirity class II , EN1143-1 ,VdS grade II, ECB:S grade II , a2p,VSO EN2


Fire protecion:

EN15659 , 60 min (LSF60P)

Hinge: DIN right – model designation R

Option: DIN left

Door: opening angle180°

Body: double-walled, filled with high resistant barrier and heat absorbent materials

Anchoring: prepared for floor and rear wall anchoring, anchoring bolts and shields are supplied

Alarm connection: VdS-certified cable channels to allow connection to a burglar alarm system

Colour: inside and outside RAL 7037 dusty grey

Option: special colour according to RAL

Lock: model designation K –double-bit lock VdS class 1, Cawi 2 keys (145 mm)
           model designation E –electronic lock VdS class 2, M-Locks EM3520

Option: other lock models (primary lock or possible secondary lock)

Equipments: helf adjustable (height setting 85 mm)

Option: additional shelf, inside locker, drawer, pull-out shelf, key rack

Accessories: option: alarm switch set, interior lighting