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DWS 1200
Dimensions: 1193x810x725mm (hxwxd) Weight: 1140 kg Certificates:EN1143-1,VdS,ECB:S grade IV+fire protectLSF30P,VSO,a2p EN4 Lock: with at least 2 certified locks
Manufacturer: Wertheim
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Safe, DWS1200 - Wertheim

Outside dimensions: 1193x810x725mm (hxwxd)

Inside dimensions: 1040x660x480mm (hxwxd)

Weight: 1140 kg

Certificates: Secirity class IV , EN1143-1 ,VdS grade IV, ECB:S grade IV , a2p,VSO EN4


Fire protecion: EN15659 , 60 min (LSF60P) - > OPTION*

Hinge: DIN right – model designation R (DWS1902, DWS1904 double-doored), option: DIN left

Door: opening angle180°

Body: double-walled, reinforced, filled with armoured, high resistant barrier material

Door structure: triple-walled, reinforced, filled with armoured, high resistant barrier, material, internal boltwork protected by sheets of hardened steel to give extra anti-drill resistance
Locking mechanism: three-way moving boltwork with large steel bolts, protected by glass plate with additional emergency re-lockers,
fix engaging steel bolts on the hinge side

Anchoring: fitted for floor anchoring anchoring bolts and shields are supplied for DWS0849, DWS0850, option: additional anchoring holes (customer specifies position)

Alarm connection: VdS-certified cable channels to allow connection to a burglar alarm system

Colour: outside RAL 7035 light grey + RAL 7045 tele grey1,inside RAL 7035 light grey, option: special colour according to RAL

Lock: safes in grades IV and higher have to be equipped, with at least 2 certified locks any set of locks (from VdS class 2 up) is possible

Equipment: shelf adjustable (height setting 69 mm, DWS0849 60 mm), option: additional shelf, inside locker; option (from DWS0850 up): drawer, pull-out shelf

Accessories : option: fire protection door rebate seals, alarm switch set, interior lighting

*Option: additional certified fire protection LFS60P (except models DWS0849, DWS1902, DWS1904),
bolted version (without fire protection) – assembly on sit