Bravarija Piljek has successfully run its business and been present at the market for more than 20 years, in the manufacturing sector (security cylinders, ferrous metal products, aluminium joinery, stainless steel products and other types of metal products), as well as in the bank and vault equipment sales sector (cash registers, vaults, safes, transfer units with interlocking doors).

Today we are the exclusive distributer of counter and vault equipment and the general representative for the Republic Croatia of the most renowned world leader in vault equipment manufacturing - Wertheim Austria.

By many years of work, experience and expertise, we have proven the quality and reliability of our products and services, and in this way we have gained the trust of and cooperation of respected business partners in our country (Zagrebačka banka, Privredna banka, Raiffeisen bank, OTP, HPB, Combis Dubrovnik, Marche restaurant, McDonald's…) and abroad (Wertheim Austria, Kaba Gege Austria, Wurster Germany…).

We have implemented the Quality Management System by applying ISO 9001 and the Environmental Protection Management System by applying ISO 14001.





Thanks to its constant development, the manufacturing program meets the latest technical requirements and it comprises:

  • Metal products: doors, grids, fences, metal cabinets, communication boxes, key cabinets, archiving cabinets in non-standard dimensions etc.
  • Stainless steel products: fences, multipurpose cabinets, special non-standard products etc.
  • Safety cylinders Kaba GeGe (freestanding and system-integrated), licenced key profile, each key comes with a colored clip.


We are the general representative of Wertheim company (vault equipment manufacturing leader) for the sales of the complete range of vault and bank equipment:

  • Safes and vaults of Security classes EN 1-6, day-and-night vaults, vault premises, (vault elements)
  • Fireproof and safety cabinets and other Wertheim safety equipment
  • Further sales program articles: transfer units with interlocking doors (bulletproof version FB3 to FB6), clothes and filing cabinets, archiving cabinets etc.


We are the authorized service centre of Wertheim company for servicing bank and vault equipment. We have the licence for performing technical security services (work in special protection zones), and our many years of experience in service and maintenance of Bank objects, including vault equipment, are a reference for the reliability of our services.  

Service and maintenance are ensured for all of our products, from the manufacturing as well as the sales program.

Servicing includes: 

  • safes and vaults 
  • bank and vault equipment (day-and-night vaults, modular vaults/vault premises)
  • burglar-proof and fireproof doors
  • safety locks for safes and vaults 
  • transfer units with interlocking doors
  • safety cabinets and other counter equipment
  • other products 

Emergency intervention contacts:

Emergency intervention contact during our working hours (Mon-Fri): (+385) 49/222-113
Emergency intervention contact outside of working hours and on weekends (0-24h): (+385) 98/ 378 014,(+385) 98/ 555 375

We guarantee the quality of our products in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001 and we take care of the environment in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14001


Products and services:

  • safe and vault equipment for banking institutions, companies and households
  • vaults, cash registers, safes 
  • servicing and maintenance of safes and other vault and banking equipment 
  • fireproof and safety cabinets 
  • transfer units with interlocking doors and impenetrable (bulletproof) walls 
  • safety cylinders 
  • security boxes for storage of keys 
  • clothes cabinets 
  • filing cabinets
  • archiving cabinets
  • aluminium joinery
  • stainless steel products 
  • ferrous metal products
  • metal plasticizing
  • thermal paint shop
  • state of the art CNC bending and sheet metal cutting machines 
  • relocation of safes, vaults and other heavy objects
  • emergency interventions (0-24h)


If you wish to protect yourself from burglars or safely deposit your money, jewellery and securities, contact us with confidence and we will turn your wishes into reality. We are not asking you to adapt yourself to our products; instead we will adapt our products to Your needs.

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