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SAFES - Wertheim - Series CP

In addition to the qualities of the CM safes, the CP series safes also offer certified protection against fire. Additional heat absorbent materials and fire and smoke protection seals in the door rebates provide fire protection – tested and certified in grade LFS30P.





model designation K –double-bit lock VdS class 2, S+G 2 keys (140 mm)
model designation E –electronic lock VdS class 2, M-Locks EM3520
Option: other lock models (primary lock or possible secondary lock)

 Model CP15RE                                                     Model CP25RE


Download: Wertheim safe_model_cp

Contact: ++385 (0) 49 222-113





Protuprovalno-vatrootporni sef,stupanj III, CP15RE - Wertheim (Akcija -30%)

Protuprovalno-vatrootporni sef,stupanj III, CP15RE - Wertheim (Akcija -30%)

Protuprovalni sef u visokom III stupnju sigurnosti
Dimenzije: 629X605X522mm (vxšxd)
Težina: 295kg
Certifikati: EN1143-1,VdS,ECB:S,VSO KL.III
Old price: 17.125,00 kn + VAT New price: 14.556,25 kn + VAT

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