Garderobni s visokim vratima

Dimensions: 1800x800x500mm (vxšxd) With 2 cabinets,for 2 persons according to HACCP standards In every cabinet partitions and two shelves. Locking with mehanical lock.with 2 keys Color: Standard RAL7035 or optional at the option of the RAL
2.262,50 kn 1.923,12 kn price.taxinclude
Dimensions: 1800x800x380mm (hxwxd) Equipped with hangers and shelves Color in standard gray (7035), different dimensions and color on request.
2.373,75 kn price.taxinclude
Dimensions: 1800x600x500mm (hxwxl) Double doors With place for hanging clothes and place with shelves
1.873,75 kn price.taxinclude
  • Dimenzije: 1900x700x370mm (vxšxd)
  • Dvokrilni, manje dubine
  • Boja: RAL7035 svjetlosiva
  • Isporuka u komadu
1.675,00 kn price.taxinclude
Dimenzije: 1795/2140X950X500mm (vxšxd) Materijal izrade: Inox AISI304 Unutarnja oprema: 4 police podesive po visini
10.553,75 kn price.taxinclude
Dimenzije:1780/1980x500x400mm (vxšxd) Materijal izrade INOX AISI 441 (EN14509) Prostor za vješanje odjeće + 4 police Zaključavanje meh.bravicom,2 ključa
6.928,75 kn 5.543,00 kn price.taxinclude