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Safe deposit boxes
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Electronic Safe Deposit

Electronic safe deposit boxes are produced in same design and size as mechanical boxes.

We have considerable experience with safe deposit boxes and Wertheim offers the most complete package for the rental of electronic safe deposit boxes which satisfies all technical and security demands. 


 Electronic Safe Deposit brochure

The boxes:

Each box has a double lock. One customer lock for each box door and one electronically remote controlled bank lock. For each installation there are 2 bank keys (mechanical emergency lock) and 2 customer keys for each safe box. The electronic components monitor and operate the installation permanently. So it is entirely possible to institute off site operation of the system.

Surface: Natural aluminium. Box numbers are engraved.

Emergency opening: In a case where emergency opening of a box is required the process is done without destroying the lock as the mechanical lock components are completely separate from electronic.

Safe Service Software

Safe-Service is the PC software used for electronic safe deposit box administration. The box rental is performed in logic steps and allows the print out of rental contracts and invoices.

Even the administration of key deposits, statistic calculations and all other necessities of a convenient administration software are considered. Safe-Service can be used as stand allone system or in connection with the electronic safe deposit box control unit as remote control and monitor unit.

General Features:

 Customer data management incl. automatic document printout (Rental contract, safe authorisation, initial invoice, sample signature form)
Master data management
Automatic debiting for direct debit customers
Follow-up invoices
Reminder facility
Logging of all customer rental safe deposit boxes data (Access, contract extensions, termination etc.)
Broad range of statistical functions
Electronic record of signatures (Scanner required)
Scan and display of graphic data from the identification documents possible (Scanner required)
Automatic follow-up invoices
Correspondence incl. automatic debiting for direct debit customers using new Edifact V3 format media (International financial transaction standard)
Total overview of all safe deposit boxes incl. detailed information invoicing data and customers
Reminder letters with or without charges in addition to 3 payment requests
Printout of a list of all transactions for a specific safe deposit box possible
Detailed and separate list of receipts from new customers, subsequent invoicing and termination of safe deposit boxes rental
Every invoice has a clear number
The ATU number of the bank is on every invoice
Numerous sequences of operations with regard to the increase in productivity implemented
Display and printout of all available boxes
Display and printout of all issued keys, incl. distinction with or without security
Calculation of the total sum of all key securities
Printout of the state of the boxes possible
Moving of boxes possible
Specified to current requests
Recording of the IBAN numeber of the bank
Recording of the e-mail address of the clerk
Support of the MSSQL/MSDE Data base
Improved network ability
Improved graphic interface
Support of new software drivers without problems

Box Configurations

As this product is site and configuration specific we can't offer a guide price without a survey. Surveys are free an