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Dimensions: 950x790x650mm(hxwxd) Weight: 395kg Cerificates: EN1143-1,VdS,ECB:S,VSO Lock: Model designation E-Electronic lock VdS class2 K-double-bit lock Cawi,2 keys,Vds class1
Manufacturer: Wertheim
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Safe, model AWS 1000

Outside dimensions: 950x790x650mm(vxšxd)

Inside dimensions: 900x740x525mm(vxšxd)

Weight: 395kg

Certificate: (EN1143-1) ECB-S: Grade I , WG I , VdS: GradeI ,  WG I , VSÖ: class EN 1 

EN1143-1 Grade I DIN4102
Grade I

Class EN1

Class I

Lock:  model designation K – double-bit lock VdS class 1, Cawi 2 keys (95 mm), model designation E – electronic lock VdS class 2, M-Locks EM3520

Option: other lock models (primary lock or possible secondary lock)

Door opening angle180°

AWS series safes offer a roomy interior with relatively low transportation weight. An internal width of 740 mm provides sufficient space to accommodate up to 9 file folders. All models are pre-fitted to enable connection to a burglar alarm system