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Safety cabinet for flammable liquids,model SO1
Dimensions: 1955x930x465mm (hxwxl) Purpose:storage of flammable and volatile liquids Weight: 185kg
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Call for price

Dimensions: 1955x930x465mm (hxwxl)

Purpose: storage of flammable and volatile liquids in pharmacies, labaratories (Accordint to NN br. 54/99. art. 214 par. 1 to 6)

Equiped with container for protection of liquid spills, safety locks, impermeable compounds, conectors for ventilation (without ventilation tube)

Delivered with techincal documentation  (according to regulation of plant construction for flammable liquids, and streaming and storage of flammable liquids)

Weight: 185 kg

Number of shelves:4 pc

Color:standard white, or optional from color map