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Safety padlock GEGE bow 45 + 40
Bow: 45mm + 40mm extension Protection: Anti-picking, anti-drill protection and protection gainst the “Bumping Method”. Fire resistant according to standard T90, with the norm EN 1303
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Call for price

Safety padlock GEGE with bow 45 mm + 40 mm extension

Special key profile that is impossible to copy

Duplicate and additional keys may only be produced by upon presentation of the security card.

Anti-picking protection
Anti-picking protection is provided by the paracentric keyway and specially shaped anti-picking mushroom pins.

Anti-drill protection
Special hardened steel pins are installed in the cylinder barrel and cylinder housing to prevent opening by drilling from any angle.

Against the “Bumping Method”

A patented system by Kaba using a “centering pin” has been proven to hinder opening cylinders by the “bumping” method. 

Even expert lock pickers have not been able to “bump” open a Gege pExtra cylinder

Fire resistant according to standard T90, with the norm EN 1303 - safety class 3

Standard system with 3 keys

Ability to create multiple keys as well as a system with master keys.

ANS-2 safety cylinders, semi-cylinders, padlocks  with patented key profile which is impossible to copy.


Duplicate keys may only be produced by authorized Kaba dealers upon presentation of the security card.

Possible to produce freestanding cylinder inserts (with 3 keys and security card) and systemic cylinder inserts (with security card, the keys are ordered separately depending on the need).