Školski garderobni ormari

Dimensions: 1800x600x500mm (hxwxl) Standard equipment: mechanical lock,hanger, air inlets and places for name tags Additional equipment:sloping roof,feet Color: standard RAL7035-light gray, or optional from color map
276.23€ price.taxinclude
(2.081,25 kn)
Dimensions:1800x900x500mm (hxwxl) Ideal for schools,kindergartens,fitness and sport centres Locking:cylindar lock with 2 keyes
444.62€ price.taxinclude
(3.350,00 kn)
Dimensions: 1800x900x500mm (vxšxd) With 15 compartments Locking each compartment with 2 keys Color: Standard RAL7035 (light gray) or optional at the option of the RAL
613.75€ 521.69€ price.taxinclude
(3.930,65 kn)
Dimensions: 1800x900x500 (vxšxd) With 9 compartments Each compartment with a mechanical lock on the door slots to indicate names Color: Standard RAL7035-light gray or optionally by the choice of the RAL
420.00€ price.taxinclude
(3.164,49 kn)
Wardrobe cabinet, 1400mm high,suitible for schools and kindergartens Dimensions: 1400x600x490mm (with 4 cabinets) Door in color(large selection of colors)
Call for price
Dimenzije: 1800x900x500mm (vxšxd) 12 pretinaca Svaki pretinac sa meh.brvaicom Boja: Standardna svjetlosiva ili opcionalno prema izboruiz RAL karte
485.00€ 436.50€ price.taxinclude
(3.288,81 kn)