Super cijena

Outside dimensions: 975x520x436mm (hxwxd) Inside dimensions: 855x400x310mm (hxwxd) Certificates: Security level B - VDMA

7.741,00 kn
6.579,85 kn

Dimenzije: 1800x1600x600mm (vxšxd) Galvanizirane izvedbe 4 podesive police po visini Nosivost 250 kg po polici

955,00 kn
859,50 kn

Dimensions: 1800x800x380mm (hxwxd) Double doors Purpose:cleaning supplies storage Locking: mechanical lock, with two keyes Color: standard gray (7035) Different dimensions and color on request.

2.105,00 kn
1.894,50 kn

Dimensions: 1500x300x350mm (hxwxl) Weight: 85 kg, capacity 5 guns Lock: security lock, 2 keys, category A Certificates: Class S1according to PN-EN14450:2006

3.540,00 kn
3.009,00 kn

Dimensions: 280x450x442mm (hxwxd) Cerificate: EN1143-1,VdS,ECB:S,VSO,a2p, DIN4102 Weight: 85 kg Lock: K- double-bit lock VdS class 1, 2 keys

6.273,00 kn
4.391,10 kn

Dimensions: 395x450x442mm (hxwxd) Cerificates: EN1143-1,VdS,ECB:S,VSO,a2p, DIN4102 Weight: 105 kg Lock: E – electronic lock VdS class 2, M-Locks EM352

8.358,00 kn
7.522,20 kn