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Time trezor - model XS
Deposit safe with time delay (time trezor) is used to store cash, cards and other documents in banks, at exchange offices, savings banks and other financial institutions Dimensions: 633x520x540mm (hxwxd)
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Time trezor - model XS

Grade: S2 and I.
Certificates for storing (issued by Institute of Precision Mechanics Warsaw, Poland):
Valuables in accordance with the EN 14450 standard, grade S2.
Valuables in accordance with the EN 1143-1 standard, grade I.
Anti-robbery device for safe storage of money valuables.
Electronic Multi-safes XS are designed for floor mounting under the cashier’s desk.
Electronically controlled drawer access; option of setting a delayed opening function for each drawer (up to 99 minutes).
All drawers are secured against removing their contents through any other drawer.
English menu.
Individual options configurable by users.
User authorization with a code.
Automatic cashiers’ blockade system. When the safe is operated  by one cashier, - other authorized users have no access to the device.
Electronic Multi-safe XS has mechanical night blockade.
Time-blockade system of the Multi-safe.
Blocking with a mechanical A-grade certified key lock, compliant with EN 1300.
Time delay and silent alarm of the lock.
Event log.
Partial drawers closure signaling system.
Alarm installation output
Suitable for floor mounting