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Storage shelves, galvanized, capacity 80-180 kg
Galvaniziran (pocinčan) regal nosivosti 80-180 kg po poličnom mjestu Idealni za vlažne prostore Velik izbor dimenzija Brzi rokovi isporuke
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Call for price

shelving for archives, warehouses and catering , models BP-MTG 90-180

A wide selection of racks and shelves for catering, archives and warehouses. 

Capacity per shelving place model BP-MTG is 80-180 kg (depending on the number of amplification which can be adapted according to the desired capacity)

It is ideal for your office, production facilities, catering, archival storage or storage for books, for both active and passive documentation

Notable for their attractive appearance and an extremely large selection of standard sizes, and is adapted to any space and different purposes.

Regal is stable and sturdy, high capacity, self-standing in the room.

Easy installation without screws.

Galvanized shelving is ideal for wet areas.

  • Shelves with a wide range of reinforcement allow dumping loads up to 180 kg

Poles  "omega" profile,

  • The choice of the height of the poles : 100, 150, 180, 200*, 230,250* ,300*, 350 , 400, 450, 500, 550,600 cm
  •   * in stock at higher amount- bestselling dimensions
  • The choice of the length of the shelves : 60, 80*, 100*, 120*, 140, 200*300* , 400* cm
  •     *  in stock in large quantities - the best-selling dimensions
  • Depth of shelves : 30*40*50*, 60, 70, 80 cm
  •       *  in stock in large quantities - the best-selling dimensions

Huge amount of accessories :

  • sliding partitions on the shelf
  • side panels
  • doors
  • closed back

Regal is a complete metal performance, poles of quality Omega Profile, shelves are adjustable in height. Other possibilities on request!

In addition to the standard dimensions we also produce custom-made !

Delivery within 2-3 working days for the whole territory of the Republic of Croatia

Contact: Tel: 049/503-123 , mail: [email protected]