Garderobni ormari s pregradom (HACCP)

Dimensions: 1800x350x500mm (hxwxl) Standard equipment:central partition,mechanical lock, air inlets Additional equipment:sloping roof,possible on feet
1.287,50 kn 1.158,75 kn price.taxinclude
Dimensions: 1800x800x500mm (vxšxd) With 2 cabinets,for 2 persons according to HACCP standards In every cabinet partitions and two shelves. Locking with mehanical lock.with 2 keys Color: Standard RAL7035 or optional at the option of the RAL
2.262,50 kn 1.923,12 kn price.taxinclude
  • Set od 2 ormara SP1P
  • Dim.svakog ormara: 1800x350x500mm (vxšxd)
  • Boja: standardno RAL7035 svjetlosiva,ili prema izboru
  • Zaključavanje meh.bravicom
2.325,00 kn 1.976,25 kn price.taxinclude
  • Dim.svakog ormara: 1800x700x500mm (vxšxd)
  • Boja: standardno RAL7035 svjetlosiva
  • Zaključavanje meh.bravicom
  • Čvrsta varena izvedba, isporuka u komadu
  • dodatan popust na količine veće od 10kom
9.050,00 kn 7.240,00 kn price.taxinclude
Dimensions: 1800x800x500mm (hxwxl) Color: standard RAL7035-light gray Additional equipment:sloping roof,possible on feet
2.248,75 kn 2.023,88 kn price.taxinclude
Dimenzije: 1800x1050x500mm (vxšxd) Za 3 osobe prema HACCP standardnu Boja: svjetlosiva RAL7035, ili prema izboru
3.381,25 kn price.taxinclude