Super cijena

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Dimensions: 280x400x312mm (hxwxd) Cerificates: EN1143-1,VdS,ECB:S,VSO,a2p, DIN4102 Weight: 60 kg Lock: E – electronic lock VdS class 2, M-Locks EM352
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Dimensions: 1800x800x500mm (vxšxd) With 2 cabinets,for 2 persons according to HACCP standards In every cabinet partitions and two shelves. Locking with mehanical lock.with 2 keys Color: Standard RAL7035 or optional at the option of the RAL
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Dimenzije: 1800x600x490 mm Oprema: polica, nosač vješalice i vješalice Zaključavanje meh.bravicom ili opcionalno druge opcije zaključavanja
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Dimensions: 1800x600x500mm (hxwxl) Standard equipment: mechanical lock,hanger, air inlets and places for name tags Additional equipment:sloping roof,feet Color: standard RAL7035-light gray, or optional from color map
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